At Little Leo’s, we believe in the power of education and joy, and we are committed to making a positive
impact not only on the lives of the children we serve but also on the broader community. As part of our
ongoing commitment to social responsibility, we are proud to introduce our charity initiative, supporting the
incredible work of the Clown Doctors.

About Clown Doctors

The Clown Doctors are a group of professional performers specially trained to work in healthcare settings.
Their mission is to bring moments of joy and laughter to children in hospitals, helping to reduce stress and
anxiety, and promoting a positive and healing environment. Through their unique blend of humour, music, and magic, Clown Doctors create a world of fun and distraction for children facing medical challenges.


Little Leo's Charity Partnership

At Little Leo’s, we believe that every child deserves to experience the magic of childhood, regardless of their
circumstances. That’s why we have partnered with the Clown Doctors to bring smiles to the faces of children
in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

How Little Leo's Supports Clown Doctors

We are committed to raising awareness about the Clown Doctors and the incredible work they do. Through our various events and activities, we aim to shine a spotlight on the importance of bringing joy to children
facing health challenges.

Little Leo’s encourages its staff and families to actively participate in volunteer opportunities with the Clown Doctors. Whether it’s helping organise events, fundraisers, or even joining a visit to a healthcare facility, we believe in hands-on support for this meaningful cause.

The Little Leo’s community will have plenty of opportunities to donate via our regular fundraisers at the center. Alternatively, If you are passionate about supporting the Clown Doctors but don’t have a child at Little Leo’s, consider making a direct donation to the Clown Doctors through our platform.


Help us raise awareness is the most important thing. So please follow the clown doctors on social media and
regular repost their content to tell your friends and family about the cause and encourage them to get

Little Leo’s is not just a place for education; it’s a community dedicated to making a positive impact. Join us in
supporting the Clown Doctors and spreading smiles to children who need it most.
Together, we can make a difference – one laugh at a time.