Our little ones cherish their time outdoors, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than cultivating our very own community garden, brimming with fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

This program nurtures your child’s connection with nature from a tender age. Gardening offers an enchanting and educational experience, igniting their curiosity, fostering a deep love for the environment, and providing a hands-on opportunity to explore the world around them.

Benefits of Gardening for our little ones:

Environmental Awareness:

Gardening helps children develop an early understanding of the natural world, including plants, insects, and weather patterns.

Fine Motor Skills:

Activities like planting seeds, picking flowers, and handling gardening tools enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Scientific Curiosity:

Gardening fosters curiosity about science as children explore concepts like germination, photosynthesis, and the life cycle of plants.

Healthy Eating:

Growing their own fruits and vegetables encourages children to eat more fresh and nutritious foods, promoting better health.


Caring for plants teaches children about responsibility as they learn to water, weed, and tend to their garden.


Gardening helps kids understand the value of patience as they wait for plants to grow and bear fruit or flowers.

Sensory Exploration:

Gardening engages all the senses, allowing children to touch, smell, taste (with safe plants), and listen to the natural world around them.


Children can express themselves creatively by designing their garden layouts and choosing colorful flowers or unique plant combinations.

Connection to Food Sources:

Gardening helps children connect with the food they eat, reducing the disconnect between food production and consumption.

Learning Activities

We learn to plant easy-to-grow seeds like sunflowers, beans, or peas. Show them how to make small holes in the soil, place the seeds inside, cover them with soil, and water them gently.
We encourage your child to observe the plants as they grow. Discuss the changes they notice in the seeds, seedlings, and mature plants.
Your child will learn to water plants properly. They can use a small watering can or a spray bottle to water plants gently.
We show your child how to identify and pull out weeds. Explain the importance of weeding to keep the garden healthy.
Your child will get to harvest ripe fruits or vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes or strawberries. They'll enjoy the tangible results of their efforts.
Together we explore the garden for insects and bugs. Provide magnifying glasses for closer inspection.
We touch, smell, and taste the plants in the garden (while ensuring safety). Discuss the different textures, scents, and flavors they encounter.
We discuss the changing seasons and how they affect the garden.
Together we get to enjoy the end result in our Little Leo’s Cooking Classes. For example, make a salad with freshly picked lettuce and tomatoes.

Example: Leo the Lion simply loves gardening at his childcare! What gets him really excited is picking the yummiest fruits and veggies. He knows that these fresh goodies will soon become fantastic meals during Little Leo’s Cooking Classes. Gardening isn’t just fun for Leo; it also teaches him cool stuff like patience and taking care of plants. Plus, he gets to see how food goes from the garden to his plate.

Little Leo’s provides regular gardening sessions for all ages at no additional cost.

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