Embarking on a language-learning adventure is a source of enrichment for everyone, but it’s the young ones who truly shine in this captivating journey.

Children, with their innate curiosity and boundless enthusiasm, instinctively understand that language is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

As a parent, observing the almost magical swiftness with which they embrace their first language is an absolute joy.

Benefits of introducing a second language to your little one:

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills:

Learning a second language encourages children to think flexibly and find creative solutions to linguistic challenges, which can translate into improved problem-solving skills in various aspects of their lives.

Increased Empowerment:

Bilingual children often feel more empowered and confident, as they have the ability to communicate effectively in different situations and with a broader range of people.

Enhanced Cognitive Development:

Learning a second language at a young age can boost cognitive skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Improved Communication Skills:

Bilingual children often have better communication skills, both in their native language and in the second language they are learning.

Cultural Awareness:

Exposure to another language also introduces children to different cultures and promotes a more open-minded and culturally aware worldview.

Stronger Academic Performance:

Bilingual children tend to perform better in standardized tests, particularly in areas related to reading, math, and vocabulary.

Greater Empathy:

Learning another language fosters empathy and an understanding of diverse perspectives, as children become more attuned to different ways of thinking and expressing emotions.

Long-Term Cognitive Benefits:

Bilingualism has been associated with a reduced risk of cognitive decline and conditions like Alzheimer’s disease in later life.

Learning Activities

Together we read books in our new language.
We create our own stories or retell our favorite stories.
We sing popular nursery rhymes, as well as new ones.
Play simple word games like "I Spy" or rhyming games.
We use flashcards to teach new words and concepts.
We use puppets to act out simple stories or have conversations.
We cook traditional meals while talking about the ingredients and cultural traditions.

Example: Leo the Lion gets super excited when his friend’s mum comes to the center for a croissant-making adventure! They have a blast making these yummy treats while learning all about French food, fancy table manners, and even how to ask for a croissant in French – “Un croissant, s’il vous plaît.” Leo and his buddies have so much fun and learn lots of cool French stuff!

Little Leo’s provides weekly language lessons for ages 3+ at no additional cost. Check your local center to see what language is offered at your center.

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