Music & Movement

At Little Leo’s, we are thrilled to introduce an exciting and enriching program designed to spark joy, creativity, and development through Music & Movement.

Through carefully structured and age-appropriate activities, our little ones will have the opportunity to explore, experiment, and embrace the magical world of rhythm, melody, and motion.

Here are the benefits of Music and Movement:

Enhanced Coordination:

Music and movement activities help improve a child’s motor skills, including balance, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills like jumping or dancing.

Language Development:

Singing and rhythmic activities aid in language development by enhancing vocabulary, comprehension, and pronunciation.

Cognitive Development:

Exposure to music can boost cognitive skills such as memory, problem-solving, and pattern recognition.

Social Skills:

Group music and movement activities encourage interaction, cooperation, and social bonding with peers, fostering important social skills.

Emotional Expression:

 Music provides a platform for children to express their emotions, understand different feelings, and develop emotional intelligence.


Encouraging children to create their own music and movements stimulates their creativity and imagination.


Participating in music and movement activities helps build self-esteem and self-confidence as children gain new skills and achievements.

Emotional Regulation:

Music can have a calming or energizing effect, helping children learn to regulate their emotions and manage stress.

Learning Activities

We throw mini dance parties where our little ones can move their bodies to the beat, jump, twirl, and clap their hands.
Your child will learn new songs as we sing together and use hand motions or props like stuffed animals to make the songs more interactive.
We introduce your child to basic musical instruments like shakers, drums, tambourines, and xylophones. Let them experiment with making different sounds and rhythms.
We use music to enhance storytelling. Play soft music to create a calming atmosphere and use more upbeat tunes to make stories more engaging.
We combine music and art by having your child draw or paint while listening to music. Encourage them to express themselves through both visual and auditory means.
We take turns being the leader. The leader can dance or move to the music, and the other person must mimic their movements.
We introduce your little one to various music genres like classical, jazz, folk, and world music.
We play music that reflects different emotions (happy, sad, excited, calm), and we ask your child to show how they feel through movement.
We associate colors with different types of music. For example, play a calming, slow piece of music and ask your child what color they think of when they listen to it.

Example: Leo the Lion absolutely loves music and moving around at his childcare center! Music, with its catchy tunes and happy rhythms, makes Leo’s heart sing. It’s like a burst of energy that lets him be himself and express his feelings. But you know what really makes Leo super excited? It’s the dance parties! When he hears those beats, he can’t help but dance and show off his awesome new moves. These dance parties help him get better at moving his body and make him love music and dancing even more!

Little Leo’s provides weekly sessions for all ages at no additional cost. 

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