Preschool Program

Welcome to Little Leo’s Preschool

A program designed to bridge the gap between early childhood education and kindergarten. Tailored for children aged three to six, our program is dedicated to nurturing creativity and fostering essential life skills. Our mission is to ensure a seamless transition to kindergarten while sparking a lifelong passion for learning.

Preschool Program Benefits:

Smooth Transition

Ease children into school, reducing anxiety.

Foundations Skills

Teach early literacy, numeracy, and cognitive skills.

Social and Emotional

Foster social skills and develop emotional resilience.


Learn to explore, make choices, take on responsibilities and build confidence.

Motor Skills

Learn fine and gross motor skills like drawing, cutting and outdoor play.

Classroom Readiness

Learn how to participate and follow instruction.


Little Leo's Childcare Centre in Killara

Your little one will discover the world with Little Leo’s Excursions!

Our adventures include:

  • Local Museums
  • Taronga and Sydney Zoo
  • Local and National Parks
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Local Shopping Centres
  • Botanical Gardens or Farms
  • And more!


We travel to iconic destinations within 30 minutes’ drive of our centre.

Enrol and receive a FREE ‘Prep School’ Enrolment Pack! (Backpack, Hat, and Water Bottle)

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an Australian program that makes learning to read fun for children. It’s used in NSW schools to help children improve their reading and literacy outcomes.

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for children with fun online reading games and activities. Best of all, it’s proven to work!

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Benefits of Reading Eggs:

  • Phonemic Awareness

    Recognising and manipulating sounds in words, developed through sequential activities in Reading Eggs.

  • Phonics

    Understanding the connection between letters and their sounds, crucial for decoding and encoding words, emphasised throughout the program with engaging activities and reading books.

  • Vocabulary

    Expanding word knowledge with visual aids and context in Reading Eggs lessons to enhance reading comprehension.

  • Reading Comprehension

    Active engagement with text, imagining, understanding, and linking information from both fiction and nonfiction sources, facilitated through scaffolded activities.

  • Fluency

    Reading aloud with speed, accuracy, and understanding, developed through consistent practice and exposure to appropriate level books.

Your child will benefit from a FREE one-year subscription before being introduced to the Reading Eggs program in kindergarten. Additionally, they will also have access to use Reading Eggs at home to help improve their reading and literacy skills.

$167.99* per child
FREE for Little Leo’s Families

*Cost for an at home subscription.

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