Rhythm & Roar

Your child will love Rhythm and Roar as they get their bodies moving to both sports and dance.

The Rhythm and Roar program has been designed to maximise your child’s development of both fine and gross motor skills.

Here are a few benefits of the Little Leo’s Rhythm and Roar program:

Physical Fitness:

Develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance, promoting overall physical health.

Cultural Awareness:

Through dance, children may learn about different cultures and traditions, fostering an appreciation for diversity and global perspectives.

Fun and Enjoyment:

Above all, dance and sports are for fun and enjoyment, promoting a positive attitude towards physical activity that will last a lifetime.

Motor Skills Development:

Enhance fine and gross motor skills, improving balance, agility, and spatial awareness.

Cognitive Development:

Engaging in physical activities stimulates cognitive functions, enhancing memory, problem-solving abilities, and overall brain development.

Goal Setting:

Setting and achieving personal goals in dance or sports helps children learn the importance of goal-setting.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits:

Foster a habit of exercise, encouraging children to lead active lifestyles and reduce health risks.

Confidence Building:

Mastering new dance moves or improving athletic skills can boost children’s self-esteem and confidence.

Emotional Expression:

Dance allows children to express themselves creatively through movement, while sports provide an outlet for channeling energy and managing emotions.

Learning Activities

Hand-eye coordination exercises and movement activities, introducing them to tennis fundamentals in a playful and exploratory setting.
Explore movement, rhythm, and imagination through introductory ballet techniques, fostering creativity, body awareness, and coordination.
Simplified cricket activities focusing on hand-eye coordination, throwing, catching, and gentle batting exercises, promoting gross motor skills and social interaction.
Basic ball control, kicking, dribbling, and cooperative play in a non-competitive environment, nurturing physical development and social skills through fun soccer-related games and activities.
Explore music and movement through playful jazz-inspired exercises, incorporating elements of rhythm, coordination, and creative expression in a supportive atmosphere.
Basic skills such as catching, throwing, kicking, and running, promoting coordination, teamwork, and physical confidence.
Discover rhythmic movement through music, props, and simple gymnastics-inspired exercises, encouraging exploration, coordination, and rhythmic awareness in a joyful and inclusive environment.
Develop fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, hopping, and throwing, offering age-appropriate activities and games to enhance physical literacy and confidence.
Explore basic stick and ball handling skills, as well as spatial awareness and teamwork concepts, through fun and imaginative hockey-themed activities designed to promote active play and coordination.
Creative movement, music, and storytelling, children will groove and dance while exploring basic hip hop movements and rhythms, fostering confidence, self-expression, and a love for movement from an early age.


Leo the Lion’s top pick of the week is Hip Hop! He’s always bouncing with energy, moving to the music and showing off his funky dance moves. Whether he’s grooving to the beat or practising his cool spins, Leo loves how Hip Hop lets him express himself in a fun and creative way. When he’s dancing with his friends, he feels like a superstar, and the smiles and cheers from everyone make him feel super proud and happy. For Leo, it’s not just about getting the moves right; it’s about having a blast and feeling the rhythm with his pals.

Little Leo’s provides a weekly Rhythm and Roar program for children 2+ at no additional cost.

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