Little Leo’s Early Learning Centres are located in the Greater Sydney Area. Little Leo’s offers premium childcare services for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years, with the aim of delighting children, parents, and the educators who serve them.

Little Leo’s is a family-owned and operated business that has successfully run childcare services in NSW for over a decade. Little Leo’s brings the joy of learning to life with a safari theme and its mascot – Leo the Lion. We invite you to explore our play-based learning and purpose-built centres.

Little Leo's Childcare Centre in Killara

Our Vision

Providing an educational epicentre where children can feel happy, safe & nurtured.

Our Mission

To nurture the full potential of tomorrow’s leaders through early education and purposeful play.

Our Values


Loyal– Cultivating a culture that fosters trust and respect whilst prioritising unwavering commitment to the families needs


Empathetic - Tuning in to the needs of our peers and working collaboratively as a team


Optimistic – Championing a positive work environment to drive a healthy mindset of higher standards


Supportive – Lifting those around us to feel valued and appreciated through positive affirmation.


At Little Leo’s, we are committed to providing your child with an exceptional early learning experience. We understand that choosing the right place for your child’s education is a significant decision, and we want to assure you why Little Leo’s is the ideal choice.

Here’s why families like you choose Little Leo’s:

At Little Leo’s, your child’s safety and happiness come first. We create a warm and secure place that feels like a second home. A place where children feel like they belong and can explore the world around them.

Our Educators encourage curiosity and make it a part of everyday life, from routines to special moments. We want your child to develop a passion for learning that they will continue long throughout their lifetime.

To create a passion for learning in your child, we create lesson plans that cater to their unique set of interests. This encourages a deeper level of learning that is fun and engaging.

Through play-based learning, we not only encourage curiosity and creativity but also help children become better at expressing themselves and connecting with others.

We teach your children to care for the environment and build an understanding and appreciation of why that’s important. Your child will learn to take care of the planet, its people, and most importantly themselves to create a bright future for all.

Don’t take our word for it. We invite you to tour a Little Leo’s centre and see the above in action.

Ready to experience the Little Leo’s difference? Find a centre near you and book a tour today!