Yoga, an ancient practice originating from India, has transcended generations and boundaries, offering a wealth of physical and mental benefits to people of all ages.

While it may seem surprising, yoga can be a wonderful and beneficial activity for children under the age of 5.

In today’s fast-paced world, where young minds are often inundated with stimuli and demands, introducing yoga to these little ones can provide them with a unique opportunity to foster balance, mindfulness, and physical development from a very early age.

Benefits of introducing Yoga to your child:

Improved Flexibility:

Yoga promotes flexibility in young and growing bodies.

Enhanced Coordination:

It helps children become more aware of their bodies and improve coordination.

Physical Strength:

Yoga poses build core strength and muscular endurance.

Better Posture:

Practicing good posture from a young age can prevent future posture-related issues.

Stress Reduction:

Yoga encourages relaxation and can reduce stress and anxiety even in young children.

Enhanced Concentration:

Through mindfulness techniques, children can improve their ability to focus.

Emotional Regulation:

Yoga teaches emotional awareness and provides tools for managing emotions.

Boosted Self-Esteem:

Achieving poses and mastering challenges can boost a child’s confidence.

Improved Sleep:

A regular yoga practice can lead to better sleep patterns for children.


Bonding and Social Skills:

Practicing yoga with others fosters a sense of community and social interaction.

Learning Activities

We imitate animals through yoga poses like Cat-Cow, Downward Dog and Cobra to name a few.
We take our yoga outdoors and do poses inspired by nature such as Tree Pose and Butterfly Pose.
We create stories that incorporate yoga poses.
We dance and when the music stops, we freeze in our favorite Yoga poses.
We take our breathing buddies such as a soft toy and place them on our belly and watch them go up and down as we take slow, deep breaths.
We play Yoga inspired games like "Yoga Simon Says,"
At times, we’ll lie down on a sunny day and watch the clouds go by describing what shapes we see and practicing mindfulness.
We count our breaths, inhale for three and exhale for three.
We like to finish our Yoga session with a short relaxation and visualization exercise.

Example: Leo the Lion really, really loves doing yoga at his childcare center. When he does yoga, he gets to stretch and bend his body in all sorts of cool ways, and it makes him feel super calm. But you know what Leo loves the most during yoga time? He gets to lie on his back and look up at the sky, watching the clouds go by. Leo’s imagination goes wild, and he sees those fluffy clouds as magical creatures, castles, and even his favorite animals. It’s like he’s in his very own dream world during yoga!

Little Leo’s provides weekly yoga sessions for ages 3+ at no additional cost.

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